Ardo Breast Shell Soft Silicone Inserts (22mm) – 1 pair

Key Features

  • Comfortable and Soft
  • Efficient Pumping
  • Compact & Simple
  • Secure hold on the breast
  • Suitable for elastic nipples
  • Made from premium-quality BPA & BPS free materials
  • Fits in all Ardo pumpsets with a 26mm Breastshell


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The 22mm silicone insert fits into the 26mm breast shell (not included) – and helps to efficiently express breast milk, it is also compact and easy to use.  Insert into the 26mm breast shell, push, and this will reduce the size to 22mm.

Comfortable and soft – Comfort helps with milk production. The silicone breast shell insert increases comfort because the soft surface of the silicone insert feels very gentle against the skin.  The gradual transition from the insert to the breast shell is not noticeable. The funnel rim is also rounded and has the same length as the breast shell funnel, making it ideal for all nipple shapes and particularly comfortable for mothers with long and elastic nipples that stretch far into the funnel.

When it comes to breast shells for expressing breastmilk, one size does certainly not fit all. At Ardo, we cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure you have the correct size breast shell for you, your nipples, and your breast pump, to ensure you are getting the most productive milk flow.

The correct breast shell is critical for successful expression – with the right breast shell…

  • the nipple fills most of the funnel and can still move freely inside the funnel.
  • the nipple tracks the rhythmic movements of the pump.
  • there is very little areola tissue inside the funnel.
  • the milk flows and the breast feels soft all over after expressing

Breast shell is too big if:

  • Too much areola is sucked into the funnel
  • Air gaps occur between the shell and chest
  • Pumping is uncomfortable.

Breast shell is too small if:

  • the nipple rubs against the wall of the funnel
  • Pumping is unpleasant even in a low vacuum
  • The milk flows slowly and you express less milk than expected.

The best way to determine which size is to download the sizing guide and measure your nipple (excluding the areola), to the widest part.  This is the breast shell you should try in terms of the diameter – the circle on the breast shells is where your nipple will enter.

Cleaning – the 22mm silicone insert can be cleaned just like the breast shell:

  • by hand with dishwashing detergent, then rinse thoroughly and leave to air dry
  • in the dishwasher – watch out for sharp objects
  • boiling in water – then leave to air dry
  • with a steam cleaning bag or container – then leave to air dry

Silicone is a light-sensitive material that can discolour easily. The slightly tacky surface means that the insert can quickly become dusty. It is therefore strongly recommended to store the insert protected from light and dust.

All Ardo Breastshells – 

Breast shells: 26 mm, 31 mm, 36 mm

Breast shell inserts: 18 mm & 22 mm soft silicone (combined with breast shell 26 mm);  28 mm (combined with breast shell 31 mm)

Optiflow massage insert: 26 mm (combined with breast shell 31 mm)

What is Included

2 x silicone breast shell insert 22mm, fits in all Ardo pumpsets with a 26mm Breastshell (not included)


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