A Quick Guide to Assembling Your Pumpset

For a PDF version of this guide, please click here.

1st Step

Attach the white valve by holding it on its side and insert it into the breast shell. Take the milk bottle and screw it to the breast shell.

Ardo Assembling Pumpset 2.1

2nd Step

Place the flexible membrane pot, smooth side out, in the breast shell and press down firmly. Press the green top (adapter tube cover) on the breast shell.

Ardo Assembling Pumpset 1

3rd Step

Line up the central mark on the green top with the mark on the breast shell, and gently turn the top to the right. The Pumpset is ready to go.

Ardo Assembling Pumpset 3.1

For a quick video on lining up the marks on the green top, please watch below.

This quick guide does not replace the instructions for use, which should be read before use.


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