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Ardo care compresses

Breast compresses

For natural care and support in the treatment of sore, irritated or painful nipples during breastfeeding.

  • Support the natural regeneration of the skin
  • Moisturising and pleasantly cooling
  • Soothes the skin and keeps it supple
  • Helps to prevent infections (mastitis)
  • Helps against Candida albicans
  • Less/no scab formation prevents repeat cracking
Ardo Care Compresses

Ardo care lanolin

Nipple cream

Rapid relief of sore and painful nipples for nursing mothers (proven by clinical studies). Protects and cares for sensitive and dry nipples and prevents irritation.

Ardo care balm

Vegan nipple cream

This vegan nipple cream helps care for dry, sensitive or sore nipples when breastfeeding. It soothes and calms, and keeps the skin soft and supple.


Ardo tulips

Nipple shields

The Tulips nipple shields are easy to use and help both full-term and premature babies experiencing sucking problems to grip the breast. In addition, they make it easier for mums with flat or inverted nipples to get their baby to latch on and can protect sore nipples during breastfeeding.

  • Intensive skin contact during breastfeeding thanks to the tulip shape
  • Soft shaft for the baby’s sensitive mouth
  • Made of thin, odourless and tasteless silicone
  • Produced without BPA and free of latex
  • Practical storage box for increased hygiene, whether at home or out and about

Ardo day & night pads

Single-use breast pads

The new Ardo Alyssa is a compact, easy-to-use and innovative breastpump. The automatic power pumping programme and the integrated Memory Plus function for saving your pumping history provide optimum support for you and your needs.

  • Unique side leakage protection for maximum security day and night
  • Special absorbent core
  • Additional leakage barriers
  • Secure grip
  • Perfect fit thanks to the 3D design
  • Dry feeling even with a heavy milk flow
  • Soft and comfortable against the skin
  • Hygienic individual packaging

Ardo lilypadz

Reusable breast pads

Enjoy the most freedom. Whether swimming, sports, wearing your favourite lingerie or just going out at night: Ardo LilyPadz do not slip, are not bulky and provide discreet and reliable protection from leaking breast milk. When handled carefully, you can use your LilyPadz for months!

  • Effectively prevent precious breast milk leaking by applying gentle pressure to the nipple
  • Non-absorbent and self-adhesive
  • Made of medical silicone
  • Reusable and therefore more environmentally friendly and economic than single-use breast pads
  • Generally invisible under clothing

Ardo temperature pack

Anatomical breast compress

Helps in two ways: Warmth and cold are important elements in the conservative treatment of breast engorgement, full breasts and when breast inflammations are just starting. The temperature pack gives you the soothing relief you need so that you can continue to give your baby the best.


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