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  • Prevent leakage of breast milk
  • Non-absorbent and reusable
  • Discreet and invisible under clothing
  • Breathable and kind to the skin
  • Non-slip with special self-adhesive layer
  • Extremely thin, latex-free and easy to clean
  • Medical Device CE Class I


How to use

LilyPadz® apply gentle and constant pressure to the nipple and it stops breast milk leakage while they are properly in place.

Nursing mothers have used their fingers for years to apply this pressure during let-down.

how to use lilyzpad


How to clean Lilyz Pad

Do not clean without liquid dish soap.

Clean after each use with hot water and a good fragrance-free and pH-neutral liquid dish soap.

Let the breast pads dry in the open air, do not rub dry.

Every now and then LilyPadz (without the protective shells) can be boiled (max. 1 minute).   They do not need to be boiled frequently as doing so will shorten the product life.  There’s no need to boil LilyPadz for hygiene reasons before the first use.

The build-up of sweat can dislodge the LilyPadz®, therefore it is recommended to wear with a bra in these situations.  Any moisture under LilyPadz® should be dabbed up as soon as possible to maintain good tissue health.

Provided the cleaning and storage conditions are carried out, the product can be used for up to 2 months.


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The innovative LilyPadz ® silicone breast pads effectively prevent the leakage of breast milk by exerting constant, gentle pressure on the nipple.

They are non-absorbent  and are made of particularly soft, dermatologically tested and breathable high-tech silicone.

LilyPadz® have a unique and tacky lining so they adhere gently to the skin without the use of any adhesives.

Discreet and invisible under clothing, the LilyPadz pads make it easy to take part in sporting activities and wear tight-fitting clothes even while breastfeeding. The pads ensure that the outer clothing remains dry at all times.

LilyPadz® are made of pure silicone, a material that shows no allergic reactions and doesn’t increase the incidence of mastitis or other complications associated with lactating women.  LilyPadz® won‘t stick to colostrum or healing fluids.

What is included

2 x LilyzPad


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