Ardo Alyssa Breast Pump


The Personal Power Pump™


Ardo Alyssa is the world’s first breast pump with an automatic power pumping function. The action of power pumping mimics your baby’s cluster feeding phase. This suckling behavior occurs when, for example, your baby is in a growth phase and demands the breast more often. With this behavior, your baby naturally stimulates milk production.

The automatic power pumping function of the Alyssa is a predefined one-hour interval pumping session. When the Power Pumping button is pushed, your Alyssa breast pump will automatically begin your power pumping session, consisting of three pumping phases and two pause/rest phases. While the duration of the pumping and pause phases is predefined, you can adjust the vacuum and cycle settings to your personal needs at any time.

Power pumping is a method recommended by health care experts to increase the amount of milk and to stabilize fluctuating amounts of milk.

For more information on Alyssa’s power pumping function, click on the button below.

Replay Button


Your pumping process is a very individual combination of suction strength (vacuum) and suction frequency (cycle) with different durations. When you have found the ideal settings for which your milk will flow best, you can save them by pressing the Memory Plus button. This function saves the entire pumping process and displays it automatically the next time you pump.

Memory Plus function saves your complete pumping session, settings and time, so you can repeat with every use.

The Personal NICU Pump™


Our hospital-grade Ardo Alyssa breast pump with NICU capabilities is the WORLD’S FIRST personal NICU pump. Alyssa allows mothers of preemie babies to take their personal NICU pump home. Alyssa quickly establishes milk supply so that mothers can have peace-of-mind that their babies get their breastmilk. With all its abilities, Alyssa is the most comfortable pump on the market.


MyArdo App


Connect the Ardo Alyssa to the free MyArdo app to track your pumping process and the duration of pumping and to control the breast pump directly and easily with your smartphone. The Ardo Alyssa also works without the MyArdo app.

Other app functions:

  • Starting / stopping the pump via smartphone
  • Adjustment of vacuum and cycle
  • Operation of the power pumping program
  • Operation of the Memory Plus function
  • All information about operating the breast pump
  • Tips and tricks for expressing yourself


Operate Ardo Alyssa via your smartphone and discover more functions.

Download now for free:




What is in the box?

A – Ardo Alyssa breastpump

B – Power adapter with USB cable

C – Tube with tube connector

D – Breast shell insert 22 mm

E – Cap with liner

F – Adapter tube cover

G – Flexible membrane pot

H – Breast shell 26 mm

I – Lip valve

J – Bottle 150 ml

K – Bottle stand


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Pump more milk with the new Ardo Alyssa pump

Alyssa is the first breast pump in the world with a Power Pumping function to help increase your milk supply!

What Comes With Your New Alyssa Breast Pump?

Your new pump parts await!

  • Ardo Alyssa breast pump with built-in battery for 2-day operation
  • AC adapter with USB cable for charging at home, office, and car (no separate car adapter needed)
  • double pump set (26mm) with tube and adapter
  • two 22mm breast shell insert
  • lid with ring and cap
  • pump lid
  • vacuum pot
  • lip valve
  • two milk bottles
  • two milk bottle stands
Weight 1.12 kg
Dimensions 35 × 18.3 × 8.8 cm
Plug Type

3 Pin UK

Product Weight


Product Dimensions

13 x 9 x 6.5cm

Country of Origin



2 years


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