Whilst you protect your baby, Ardo Care Lanolin protects you!

Being a new mum can be a bit of a whirlwind, so we’re going to be direct here – do you have sore nipples?

We’re asking, because if so, we can help! And rest assured, you’re not alone!

Painful nipples for breastfeeding and expressing mums are a common problem, with up to 96% of women suffering. Studies show that 80 – 95% of all breastfeeding women have red and tender nipples in the first few days!

Not only is this a common problem, but it can also have a big impact on mother and baby bonding.  Also the decision to continue breastfeeding or expressing, hormone production, stress and anxiety levels, the baby’s feeding routines, and early weaning decisions.

Having sore nipples can quickly become a catch-22 situation in your feeding and expressing journey. You want to continue to feed your baby breast milk, but your sore nipples are making it painful, so you wait longer between feeds, and become anxious. Your stress levels mean you don’t produce the maternal hormone oxytocin which you need for the let-down reflex to be able to produce your milk, and the hormone interleukin excretion leads to increased inflammation of the mammary gland tissue. As time goes on, things become more painful, and so it continues until you decide not to continue. This is such a common process that many women go through, but help is at hand!

Here at Ardo, we dedicate ourselves to developing, producing, and distributing the highest-quality and best-functionality premium products, in supporting mums with breastfeeding and expressing breastmilk. And so, to prevent and treat sore nipples, we have produced Ardo Care Lanolin – a 100% ultra-pure lanolin nipple cream.

Lanolin is such an important element of nipple cream, shown to rapidly and significantly reduce pain and irritated or sore nipples. When compared to the application of breastmilk to the nipple – a home remedy that is often recommended.  It could also be proven that regular treatment of irritated or sore nipples with lanolin was significantly superior to treating with breastmilk, with healing taking place more quickly.

Nipple creams are often composed of vegetable oils, beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, plant extracts, etc., but do not have the benefits of lanolin. At a concentration of 100%, lanolin has the ability to restore the skin’s natural moisture content. Ardo Care Lanolin can be used even if the nipple wound is moist, as a barrier is created which slows down the evaporation of the skin’s own moisture, which protects the wound from drying out and heals the skin.

Ardo Care Lanolin be applied as regularly as needed and does not have to be removed before feeding/expressing. It has a neutral taste and smell and is completely safe for mother and baby. It is free from additives and preservatives, has a smooth consistency, and is easy to spread!

Another bonus is that Ardo Care Lanolin is suitable for sensitive skin, and can even be used on dry or rough skin by anyone in the family – but you keep this little luxury to yourself and baby – let the rest of them get their own tube!

Don’t suffer from painful nipples, help is at hand! Find out more and order your Ardo Care Lanolin here.


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